Took a sip from my coffee and begin my first blog post. In this blog, we will talk about the notions in English too starting from today. Sometimes our thoughts will not match, sometimes we will close the page open to discussion or with question marks, but in the end, we will always end the day with an awareness and endless questioning in our minds. Our first notion is of course, “Saturnuslog”.

Who is Saturnus?

Those who know, Saturnus from Roman Mythology is actually the name of the Titan, Chronos from Greek Mythology. Let’s talk a little bit about Chronos and then examine why I chose this concept for a blog name.

Greek mythology speaks of the great Chaos. Chaos is the first god of Greek mythology to exist above all else. Before the Universe (Cosmos), there was one and only Chaos. Everything comes from Chaos and returns to Chaos. Chaos represents disorder, darkness, and the purest energies in the universe. That because it is even said that she is portrayed as a woman which is an ugly point of view. It said that when the Universe (Cosmos) came into being, order of domination began. With the children created by Chaos, notions that we may still have difficulty in grasping the meaning of, which we try to explain with ethical rules and philosophy of conscience, emerge. These are notions that we encounter almost every day in life and that feed on contrasts such as life and death, happiness and grief, day and night, etc. Our story has several different narrations. I will describe the version I know and support with some sources.

After the Great Chaos, Gaia, representing the earth, and Uranos, the representative of the sky, decide to unite. A new species emerges from this union. Our mythological characters born from these two great opposites are called Hekatonkheirs. These Hekatonkheirs were the embodiment of concepts such as terror, power, and anger. Seeing this as a threat to himself, Uranos traps the Hekatonkheirs he created at the very bottom of Tartarus (deep underground). As a result, the Titans come to life.

Chronos and His Child by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli
Chronos and His Child by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli

Myth of Chronos

12 Titans are born including Chronos after Hekatonkheirs’ fall. Then Uranos begins to pursue a policy of destroying every born child from himself. Because his mouth was burned from Hekatonkheirs once. He does not want to take any risks that will destroy his authority. Gaia, enraged by this, pulls a very sharp scythe from her chest and gives it to her powerful son, Chronos. Chronos killed his father with this scythe, ended the age of the first generation gods, started the age of the second generation gods and became the head of the universe. In a way, he is the first god to bring concepts such as goodness and fertility to the earth, as he put an end to the fearsome domination of Uranus. During his reign, there was a Golden Age. In addition to goodness and abundance, the creator of time is also Chronos. The word “chronos” has become synonymous with time (ironically) over time, although it does not fully meet its meaning. It is said that the root of the word chronology comes from Chronos. On the other hand, Chronos also shared the same end with his father. Because he is afraid that his children will do to him what he has done to his father and he is afraid of giving birth to generations like his father, then he decided to eat his children. This decision brought about his death. He was defeated by his son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus. From the outside, we see that he actually turned into his father later on. If we look at it from a psychological point of view, unfortunately, what kind of parents or spouses we will be depend entirely on our parents, even our grandmothers, grandfathers and grand grandmothers. Unfortunately, this is not something we can change because of our genes and how we raised by them. Because we do this unconsciously. I guess we can call it gene scraps processed in our subconscious.

Why Saturnuslog?

After talking so much about Chronos, I must confess that I am an incurable Chronos. With a single faculty; I am a Chronos who examines the causes and consequences of his actions on a psychological and semantic level, but still makes decisions unwittingly.

I regret to say that the age we live in is not a very bright age. We are going through a period of melancholy and depression. In the psychology literature, melancholy is referred to as Saturnus or Chronos disease. Melancholia is a psychological illness that represents a state of deep sadness, depression that can lead to suicide. The hopelessness, sadness and anger brought on by Chronos’s melancholy transforms him into his father, and the fact that this situation increases with each passing day and approaches death, puts him in a helpless position. Just as we say that desperation makes people do everything, the myth of Chronos is a narrative of this from ages ago.

To summarize, I would either wait for the moment when I would fall into melancholy and be helpless, or I would occupy myself a little with something I love and enjoy the moment. That’s why this blog was launched under the name of “Saturnuslog”. Take a good care of yourself. Good afternoon, good evening, good night to everyone.

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