Life is Now

A lot of body positivity (not being able to be positive) on social media lately, the useless discourse of rich people about how life should be lived, and the fact that life coaching has made me think about how life can be lived. Inevitably, most of us (especially the so-called “influencers” who have the profession of our age, but they’re only one example in this case) can find ourselves emulating the lifestyle and welfare levels. On the other hand, it makes you think, of course, should life be lived like this? Does a constant love of consumption, being unaware that it turns into addiction, and chasing this life by every segment of the society who fit the body size and appearance make life livable? What about the opposite? After all, someone who is in the opposite position of this situation is no longer accepted in society. This unnecessary team of people, unfortunately, receives far more interaction, respect, and praise from any cognitive science or brain-spin-enhancing source. Am I wrong because I said unnecessary in this case (this is my personal opinion)?

What is Life?

Life is a self-fulfilling cycle that needs living things as a subject. Thomas Mann equates life with warmth in his book The Magic Mountain. What is this warmth? It is the meaning that it attributes to the heat of the substance, which is formed by the dissolution and combination of complex and also discontinuous protein molecules, which maintains its existence discontinuously without losing its form. In this way, he defines life poetically and biologically. Despite being composed of matter, life is an existence that has feelings and an indefinable consciousness. 


Generational Difference

Hanna Swida-Ziemba, who made studies on generations, deduced that the older generations (before 1990) live according to the past and the future, and the new (today) generation lives according to the present.

No matter how much one lives or tries, life is made up of uncertainties. Therefore, talking about the future is meaningless.

According to Foucault, looking at the present, to answer the question of who am I, we need to create our identities as carefully as if we were creating works of art. Can a person be his own artist and a work of art? Just as a banana stuck to the wall with electrical tape can be a work of art, so human life can be a work of art, and a person can be an artist.

Those who live in the moment to create a work of art by thinking about the present are aware that life is temporary. For this reason, one cares about the future and is aware that the future may bring bad luck.

We talked about the fact that the construction of human life can be art. The most difficult part of building life is undoubtedly creating one’s self. A life based on rejecting the definitions of desire, responsibility, identity, prestige, wealth, rank, fame which society insists on, and creating one’s own identity is the life of the person, according to philosophers such as Heidegger and Sartre. 

As a person trying to live, for now, I see this blog site I just opened as buying a lottery ticket. When we buy a lottery ticket, we are on a path to win or lose. If we don’t buy the ticket, we have no chance of winning. However, because we bought it, we get into a sea of ​​possibilities, albeit small, and nothingness suddenly turns into maybe. Whether my blog site grows or not is a matter of maybe.

Everything we do now is a maybe for the future.

The Path of Life (2014) by Harpal Sodhi

How Should Not to Live?

We can understand the value of life because death is at its end. Without death, life would have no meaning. Like all other opposites…

Aristotle, in his Ethics book, examined life in three classes: bodily life, spiritual life, external life. Based on this, Schopenhauer argues that life is shaped according to the answers to the questions of who and what a person is, what they have, and what they represent.

The most important external life item in our society is an indication that differences in rank and wealth assign a life role to all of us. However, although they have an important place in society, these roles are roles that cannot accompany feelings such as happiness and peace.

Schopenhauer explains this situation with consciousness. He emphasizes that everything that is and has been passing through consciousness, so what matters is the quality of consciousness. He argued that the limits of one’s pleasure are directly proportional to the limits of his mental power and that people with narrow limits cannot go beyond being ordinary and primitive.

Body image, aspirations for wealth, and fame demands in our modern life are things we think we want because perhaps we do not get mental pleasure or this is imposed on us.

Most of the time, due to the lifestyles imposed by society, we throw our consciousness aside and become concerned with what we own or represent. However, holding on to our individuality and knowing what we are is much more valuable than what we have.

Those who are only striving to increase their wealth and possessions cannot see beyond anything because of their narrow vision. For the sake of their only purpose, these people are closed to everything with an empty mind. One can never reach mental pleasures if one continues this ambition until death has come and raises the next generation in the same way. Thus, a generation emerges that does not know what mental pleasure is and spends time and life in pursuit of wealth and property. 

Schopenhauer said that “external wealth leads to inner poverty”. When we think about it, our disappointments and unhappiness are generally directly proportional to the living standards imposed by society.

Voltaire said that life is short and that the short time we spend is not worth kneeling in front of others (douchebags as he calls it). Unfortunately, the adjective “others” is an adjective attributed to many people in the world. 


At least 70 years

To answer the question of what life is exactly, I must read the first forty years of life and spend the next thirty years interpreting what I read.

If there is one thing I know, it is that if we make do with what we are given and live this way, we will be no different from slaves. I see many slaves around me and watch people living their imposed lives almost daily. Sometimes I get into big conflicts between rebelling, living my personality (it’s hard), and living the life I don’t want or love, whether it’s a small cog in the big wheel or not. I don’t want to be geared yet and I don’t think so. But what life shows, is unknown.

As Albert Camus said, “Life is nothing, live it with care”.

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