I have always been excited about where I’m going, not being on the road. Although I know it will take hours, I can’t wait for the road to end immediately. While I am thinking, with my leaned head against the wagon window and at the poke of one hand I was awake. In front of me, was a man of my height, quite old, gray-haired, slim, wearing an old and worn suit like mine, looking at me. The man, whose question I still can’t comprehend, but waiting for an answer with curious eyes, repeated his question when he realized that I didn’t understand what he was saying. He dropped his alarm clock and asked if I had seen it. I said I didn’t see it with a puzzled look. Frankly, it felt a little different.


To go back to my fantasy world, I turned my gaze to the glass when the man came back. He offered me to look for the alarm clock with him. He didn’t know me, I didn’t know him either, but he looked familiar. I glanced at my little compartment. I looked for someone else the old man could ask for help other than me. There was a family of three other than me in the oil-green compartment, but neither did the old man see them, nor did the family seem aware about the two of us. This was an odd detail. We seemed to live in different dimensions. After little thought, I voluntarily accepted the man’s offer, I don’t know why though.

The Trial of Time bu Alfred Dolezal

The moment we opened the door to the next wagon with the old man, we were drenched. Water was leaking from the roof of the wagon. No… the water was not leaking, it was raining. The compartments lined up against each other consisted of aquariums lined up like prison cells in this wagon. People were drowning in all of them. I started swimming slowly, watching the people in the aquarium. But there was something strange. Because none of them were trying to get rid of it. On the contrary, they seemed unaware that they were drowning. People sat with their families, seeming to be buried in their daily habits. However, they were all in the aquarium and could not breathe. Their faces were red and they couldn’t speak, but they couldn’t be said to care. As I looked around with a puzzled look, the old man said that we will not find it here, the longer we stay the sooner we will forget ourselves and join them. Because they were all distracting themselves, not realizing that they were drowning.

We got out of the terrible wagon and jumped dearly into another wagon. The doors of the compartments of this wagon consisted of book covers. Since I took every step I took today without thinking, we directly chose the cover of Franz Kafka’s book The Trial. We opened the door of the book with huge gallows in the middle of nowhere on the cover, depicted with a beautiful sun. Inside, Joseph K welcomed us with his bitter sadness and curiosity. The old man asked about his alarm clock. Joseph K’s answer, on the other hand, was far from the question, but it was meaningful. “Why measuring time, when life is too short?” he asked. It was thought-provoking, but we still didn’t know where the alarm clock was.


When we opened a few more book covers and didn’t get any results, I suddenly realized that we had been looking for an alarm clock for a long time. By now my journey was supposed to be over, but the train was still going at full speed. Besides, what was I still doing and who was this old man?

Suddenly we heard the sound of an alarm clock, and we looked at each other with the old man and headed to where the sound was coming from. This time the wagon was full of coal. We sank in coal as we entered. Finally, as we were both about to smell from intense charcoal and poisoned by ourselves, the old man took off the alarm clock.

Before I fainted, I asked the old man who he was. Old man; “I am you! Don’t chase the time, you will lose. ” he said and woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I had a job interview today, but it was a job I wanted just to keep up with the epoch.

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